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Dr. Giles D. Rainwater Health Psychology and Memory Testing

Dr. Rainwater offers many services including:

Here you can print forms for an initial visit (Paperwork), learn why Cognitive Evaluations are requested (Memory Evaluation), and find out what it will be like (FAQ).  If you have an additional questions, please call: 321-729-0080.

   Dr. Giles D. Rainwater is a practicing Neuropsychologist with over thirty years of experience. He specializes in Cognitive Assessment.


     Cognitive Assessment is ordered by physicians to help diagnose and treat brain dysfunction. Most often your doctor requests this assessment in cases of memory problems, traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, M.S., Parkinson’s and other disorders that may impair mental abilities. Typically this evaluation assesses memory, processing speed, language, reasoning, motor abilities, and attention. Usually it also includes a section that assesses emotional status and stress level.